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These are testimonials, comments and rave reviews from current and past Elite Tattoo Pro course students.

The testimonials you'll see below range from tattoo newbies who are completely new to tattooing to more experienced tattoo professionals who've completed the extensive online course.

Take a few minutes to read through the various testimonials and reviews below...

"I Have Been a Tattoo Artist For About 10 Years Now, And This Is By Far The BEST Information..."

"I have been a tattoo artist for about 10 years now and I'm a very open-minded artist. I have read and watched most of the articles, videos, books, etc. on the subject and this is by far the BEST information I've personally come across. I would recommend this course to anyone of any experience level. I can honestly say that I've learned a few new trick. However, there is a lot of bad information out there, but this is not one of them."

Joe From Washington

"What You Have Created Is JUST Pure GENIUS!"

"Brendan, I'm so glad I got a crack at your tattoo information package. I've watched a lot of stuff over the years and also read a lot of info on forums, etc. but what you have created is just pure genius! The information is top notch and I'd love to have you use my words as a testimonial to anyone wanting to give your course a go. Killer tips and instruction. Love it all!! I'll look forward to anything else you put out, so please stay in touch."

Michelle From Florida

"I don't know how you got all of this into one course, but you did..."

"Thank you so much for Elite Tattoo Pro Brendan! It's a real relief to FINALLY get some tried-and-true tattooing information in ONE resource. I don't know how you got all of this into one course, but you did. I'm just getting started in tattooing and your tips, and on how to start are spot on! I really appreciate you creating this kick ass course!"

Jack From San Diego

"The purchase of Elite Tattoo Pro is worth
10x what I paid for it..."

"I really could say so much but first I just have to say is WOW!!! Over the past 3 years I've bought books and videos on how to tattoo and your videos are really awesome! The detail in which the videos are done is easy to follow and straightforward. The purchase of Elite Tattoo Pro is worth 10x what I paid for it. I suggest that anyone who is new to the industry to add this information to their collection. Just the videos alone have changed my outlook on what it takes to do nice, clean, and solid tattoos. I'd just like to say THANK YOU Brendan for these videos and the information available for people like me who really want to be a great tattoo artist. Thanks man!"

Will From North Carolina

"Buying Elite Tattoo Pro was worth every penny, and then some..."

"Hi Brendan, I'm Morgan. I hope you receive this email from me ok. I just wanted to say thank you so much for Elite Tattoo Pro. I just purchased last Friday and I've been digesting every bit of it ever since. Buying Elite Tattoo Pro was worth every penny and then some. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but once I got into the information...I knew I was completely wrong. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and thank you again!"

Morgan From New York City

"After Watching The Initial Videos and Reading The First Few Chapters In This Course My Skills Increased Dramatically..."

“I only began tattooing a few months ago and after watching the initial videos and reading the 1st few chapters in this course my skills increased dramatically! People are amazed that I am so “green” when it comes to being a tattoo artist (can I call myself this yet?).

What I really found valuable are the smaller tweaks that are easy to integrate. For example, how to choose the CORRECT tip for the needle — and it’s not necessarily what you would think (you gotta invest like I did to find that out).

I was going to go to a “tattoo school” at 1st but with this series I think I would be wasting a lot of money as I’d be paying to do what I already know! This is such a small investment that has a VERY large payout!

You don’t have to be the best at drawing or at art you just have to have the desire to learn and you will be awesome.

I really appreciate the boost in morale and confidence. It makes me feel really good to express myself through ink and have people like what I do.”

William From California

"I Think I'm Going To Actually Learn More From You Then I Would've During My $8500 Apprenticeship!"

"Hey Brendan...

Sorry for the late reply. Your program kicks ass! I had an apprenticeship opportunity fall thru last month and this is a life saver. He wanted $8500 up front for 1 year, and I was willing to pay. I've done the other instructional DVD sets out there and they're all completely useless.

I've been airbrushing professionally for the last 5 years, but had to shut down my studio at the hot rod shop 1 1/2 ago cause I wasn't getting enough work. I went back to working construction and airbrushing at home on the side, but I recently found out I've got no disc left between my L4 and L5 vertebrae and I'm on a 2 yr waiting list for surgery. I'm currently got signed to, and painting for a gallery in Vegas, but I won't see a real return from that for 5-10 years. I'm scrounging any airbrush gig I can get to try and cover my bills. It's impossible to get by on unemployment benefits. Lol. It's extremely hard to try to get into the tattoo scene. Nobody wants you in, and they all say " You can't do it".

I would prefer to do a credited apprenticeship, but your program has given me the confidence to tackle this on my own. For now anyways. I'm only 15% thru the course, and look forward to make it to the end.

If you were looking for suggestions or feedback, I've got none. You nailed it! I think I'm actually gonna learn more from you than I would've during my $8500 apprenticeship!

I've rambled on about my problems enough. Lol.

Bottom line, Thanks again! You should charge more!"

Anthony From British Columbia

"Brendan Is Practically Giving This Course Away!
He Really Should Be Charging More..."

"Rather than spend time searching endlessly on YouTube for insight that I never truly got I was able to spend my time actually learning. This latest version is ridiculously amazing!

I appreciate how the course is now laid out as modules. It's well written, produced and organized allowing the student to grasp the ideas and concepts in a relative order - it makes perfect sense.

It’s very logical, practical and suited for people of all ages , levels of education and is good for even a well seasoned artist! You're never too talented to learn new things!

Brendan is practically giving this course away! He really should be charging much more! But fortunately his goal is to help as many people achieve, reach and surpass their projected goals.

Before tattooing I was a supervisor of customer service who got laid off as the economy took a dive. But this program helped me learn a new skill and quickly enabled me to generate income as well repeated business and referrals.

I went from a "scratcher" to a groomed and capable business man - who can do some decent ink work. I even gave my 68 year old mother her first tattoo! That was pretty cool - esp since started off as a critic of my drastic career change!

I highly recommend this program to any and everyone who wants to pursue tattooing - both for fun and to make a living!"

Shaun From Los Angeles

"So When I Found This Course I Was Super Happy..."

"I've been doing a lot of research, and I thought I'd get a head start before seeking a apprenticeship in a local tattoo shop.

Most of the schools or online schools for that matter want to charge an arm and a leg. Just to learn how to tattoo properly and to become a better artist. I've always had an interest in art since I was a kid. An recently my favorite person passed away.

I realized that life is to short to achieve my goal of becoming a professional tattoo artist. So when I found this course I was super happy. Because now my dreams can come true. And my art will live forever on any future tattoos I may do.

So yes I very happy with my choice. :)"

Tanya From Alabama

"I Really Love The Course So Far!"

"I really love the course so far! I have been tattooing myself for a few months. I really want to learn more and not all by trial and error. I have watched about 20 videos and read a bunch of the textual course work. I have learned a lot of really useful and beneficial information so far and I am really excited about and looking forward to each lesson and video. I have taken a few art classes and can draw well. I am going to become a tattoo artist! Thanks again!"

Jeff From Colorado

"I'm About 5 Hours Into Your Course...And Holy F*** Do I Love It!"

"I'm not gonna lie, I didn't believe you...

I had to be slightly drunk before I pulled the trigger on your course. However, get me a fucking gallon of whiskey cuz I clearly make incredible decisions while drunk. I'm about 5 hours into your course and holy fuck do I love it! I'm not even a tattoo artist yet and I'm an old school guy. I've got old school tattoos and I'm planning on getting Bold Will Hold tattooed on me somewhere cuz I'm a dickhead, but thank you so much for this step-by-tiny-step course.

I'm close friends with some award-winning artists so I will let them know about this product as a teaching tool and if ALL goes as planned, this will become my teaching tool for apprentices ;).

Once again, thank you so much! If you like any part of this testimony then please feel free to use it in any promotion, I believe this info should be shared within the tattoo world."

Alex From Illinois

"It Has Given Me A Greater Knowledge Than Some 'Pros" I Have Met..."

"As an apprentice in a busy street shop I have found the information presented in Elite Tattoo pro to be vital to my learning process and it has even given me a greater knowledge than some , "pros" I have met. I have tried other books and products and they just don't measure up. Your journey into the world of being a tattoo artist begins with these steps! Don't miss out!"

James From California

"I Love Everything You Have Done Here!"

"I love everything you have done here! It is so helpful! I am just starting out and I feel I am going in the right direction and it is with the help of your guides and videos! Thank you so much!"

Rochelle From Texas

"I Can't Thank You Enough For What You Have Done For Me..."

"I fell for tattooing, traditionally, late in life. When I got started, your emails kept me motivated and moving forward. You sent them multiple times a week, and I hadn't even purchased Elite Tattoo Pro.

That's when I realized that it wasn't just a product, it was truly a gift you were trying to extend to people like me. I purchased,watched the videos, and know that without them I wouldn't be tattooing today. I reread the guides and referenced the videos weekly, and grew better as an artist every time.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me, for the dream you have made come true. For those of you starting out and considering Elite Tattoo Pro, I'll repeat; I could not have done it without it.

Great thanks from me and my family!"

Ian From Ohio

"Well Worth The Money! I Wish I Could Shake Your Hand..."

"Hey Brendan...

Thank you for this amazing piece of information, every email, every video and every letter in this course shows me something new. I am learning every time I open something from you.

Well worth the money! I wish I could shake your hand.

Thank you again!"

Sarah From England

"This Increased My Skills and Confidence In My Tattooing Abilities..."

"Hey Brendan, thank you for such a great product filled with detail and great information. I have only been tattooing for about the past year and wanted to really improve my ink skills.

Through watching all the awesome videos from your site I do believe I am a better artist and entrepreneur. I'm always trying to better myself especially as an artist and this increased my skills and confidence in my tattooing abilities. The best aspect of this is how easy you make it to learn and understandable for people new to the business.

Thanks again and all the best."

Jared From Washington


"Brendan, you are a LEGEND. What you have given me and the world with the Elite Tattoo Pro is beyond priceless!! Elite Tattoo Pro is worth absolutely every penny and so much more. Thank you SO much!! You have made my dream of becoming a elite tattoo artist a reality."

Carmen From South Africa

"I Am Super Thankful For All The Insider Tips and Tricks!"

"I have recently made the purchase of Elite Tattoo Pro and I am super thankful for all of the insider tips and tricks! The website content is amazing, wouldn't know where to start without it! Wow is all I can say due to every question I had is referenced within this package at some point. Thank you for the organization of this material as well. I can tell within two weeks of having this material that it has put me on a fast track to doing what I love! Great work and huge thanks! - Truly Excited!"

Susan From Washington

"I Would Recommend This To Everyone Serious About The Art To Spend The Money On This Great Investment"

" name is Kris Freeman and I have been in my tattoo career for 3-4 year's now and in art my whole life. I started out just like everyone else: getting misleading information from whatever video, book, shop I could get information from with poor result. It was only when I got Elite Tattoo Pro and read and watched all the information and applied it to my actual tattooing... that's when you realize how accurate and helpful this package truly is. I would recommend this to everyone serious about the art to spend the money on this great investment."

Kris From USA

"BANG! You Show UP With This Course, And I Couldn'T Buy It Quick Enough!"

"First of all Brendan, let me say a really sincere and honest THANK YOU! for the brilliant idea of putting this course together.

I started my tattooing career in 1979, as an apprentice to a lovely man and tattooist, called Dave Ross. He has a shop in Colchester Essex. With also being in the army I had to fit all the apprentice work and technique instruction in around my busy military life.

I was with Dave Ross for about 18 months, when he said to me `John you`re about the most dedicated person I`ve worked with, and you are fully aware and practiced at everything I can pass on to you, so Good Luck`.

Then that was the last time I saw him, as I was Posted overseas from then on. I did a bit of work for my military friends and their family members, and about 6 years on (1988) I was again posted to a very busy area, so the tattooing had to be shelved.

Then last year I was given a couple Mikey Sharpz Machines so I decided to start up again. So I practiced my drawing skills, read a million books, and then BANG!! You show up with this course, I couldn`t buy it quick enough.

Now at 53 I`ve re-started a small business just for my family and friends (Which includes a huge military family that keep in touch). And with out the help and Information that was so expertly put together by your good self, I am getting back into the swing of tattooing all over again.

BRENDAN....I can`t THANK-YOU enough! Well done and very good luck with whatever you plan in the future!"

John From United Kingdom

"I Want To Say That FINALLY, Someone Has The Balls To Publish Something Like This..."

"I want to say that finally, someone has had the balls to publish something like this. Beyond the controversy of "real tattoo artist's" opinions, this in a nut shell is nothing less than a positive progression for the tattoo community as a whole.

I learned the simple basics of tattooing while in prison & I have always been a self proclaimed artist. My "scratching" was mediocre at best because I wasn't confident in what I was doing because of lack of knowledge. I knew I had to basically just sit down and experiment with a tattoo machine but I was afraid to teach myself the technical side of tattooing because I didn't want to injure or ruin anyone or their skin.

This course is a godsend for me because I have been enlightened with the "forbidden fruit of knowledge" that the tattoo culture as a whole has worked so hard to keep hidden. "Let's not help anyone who wants to learn this trade so they can hurt the people they tattoo.." The sad truth is, is that as humans we naturally will disregard all of the professional opinions to not do something dangerous all because of a simple reason such as: a desire to learn."

Gabriel From Arizona

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