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Do you want to become the next Elite tattoo artist like Brandon Bond, Aaron Cain or maybe Bob Tyrell?

I’m here to tell you that not only you can, but I'll show you exactly HOW...

And no, you don't have to beg and plead for an apprenticeship before you can get on the right path to becoming a professional tattoo artist yourself.

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tattooed women

When you think about it, leaving your artistic mark on human flesh is one of THE greatest statements you can make as an artist...

And if you decide to become a full-time tattoo artist yourself, not only will you get to continually leave your artistic legacy on all types of'll get paid very well for it as well.

In fact, you can make some great money, meet incredible and amazing people from all walks of life, and even create new relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

That's why being an elite level tattoo artist really is the ultimate dream job.

And the good news, if you have the passion and drive to create great tattoos...then there's no limit to what you can do.

You just need the right information.

"But Before You Even Think About Putting Ink To Skin, You Need To Learn How

And this doesn't mean learning how to tattoo by watching crappy and inconsistent YouTube videos or buying some "how to tattoo" $15 ebook off of Amazon.

When I see some of these amateur videos and ebooks trying to teach people how to tattoo, I CRINGE on the inside! Some of that info is so dangerous!

If you want to learn to tattoo the right way, let me tell you something you need to do right now...

"STOP trying to learn how to tattoo by watching Poor Quality YouTube videos or
buying cheap $5 ebooks Made By Sneaky Amateurs..."

Here's why I created this message for you today...

What I'm about to reveal to you is a MUCH faster and easier way to learn how to tattoo like a real pro.

I believe that if you want to learn how to tattoo, you shouldn't have to beg and plead with tattoo artists to reveal all their tips, tricks and techniques to you.

And you shouldn't have to pay $10,000 - $20,000 for an apprenticeship!

I also believe that it's not fair for you to be made fun of or scorned for wanting to learn how to tattoo from a real tattoo professional. It's not some "secret society" any more...

Yes, my beliefs get me into a lot of trouble with a LOT of professional tattoo artists...but I honestly don't care.

I feel that if you have the desire and passion to learn how to should have every right to learn the right way.

"If you want to learn how to tattoo the
right way, I believe the information
you need should Be Easily Available..."

In fact, the information I'm about to reveal to you very shortly is the EXACT information that even pro artists today have said that they would have done anything to get their hands on when they were first learning the steps to master the art of tattooing.

Pretty amusing isn't it?

But with that being said...tattooing is not something to take lightly.

You can hurt yourself and others if you don't do it right.

There are RIGHT ways to learn how to tattoo, and there are WRONG ways.

Becoming an uneducated "scratcher" is not something I advocate at all. Don't be an idiot. Simply don't do it. Do things the right way and follow a proven framework. 

"Well, I'm About To Break All The Rules And Give You Everything You Need..."

I'm going to reveal to you everything you'll ever need to know to not only create the most MIND-BLOWING tattoos...but also reveal how you can turn your passion for tattooing into an actual career!

Introducing Tattooing 101's Artist Accelerator Program!

WHO Is the artist accelerator For?

This complete tattoo education has been uniquely created specifically for those who are new to the art of tattooing or even intermediate tattoo artists who want to advance their skills. This course is NOT designed for advanced tattoo artists, although we have other programs for them! 

WHAT Is the artist accelerator Anyway?

This complete tattoo education is an online educational step-by-step program for people just like yourself who want to learn how to tattoo from A to Z. This is  the most comprehensive online tattooing program in the world. 

It will teach you everything you need to know including how to setup your tattoo machine, what needles and machines to use, how to do black and grey shading, lining, color work, portraits, and just about everything else in between including...

  • How to setup your tattoo machine, needles, control depth, and more!
  • How to master the fine art of Black & Grey shading with ease!
  • How to tattoo life-like portraits, do tattoo cover-ups and more!
  • How to do proper blending with color and black ink that looks great!
  • How to create smooth shading, perfect lines, and realistic depth!
  • How to use the RIGHT needle groupings for the best tattoos!
  • How to safely setup your machine, work area, prep a client, and more!
  • How to create and apply stencils the simple way each and every time!
  • How to use advanced shading and lining techniques like a professional!
  • How to take your drawing skills to a new level, even if you suck at drawing!
  • How to use depth, perspective, placement, and form/fit for each tattoo!
  • How to implement unique cover-up techniques and procedures that work!
  • How to work with pre-existing tattoos and make them even better!
  • How to become an expert at black shading with these unique techniques!
  • How to properly apply pressure and depth with needles for safe tattooing!
  • How to do smooth fill-ins, add in realism elements, and stop "blotchy" tattoos!
  • How to use the best inks, needles and machines (with recommendations!)
  • How to build confidence in your own tattooing abilities!
  • How to practice tattooing without hurting yourself or others!
  • How to setup your own tattoo shop from the ground up!
  • How to land an apprenticeship that you can trust and rely on!
  • How to turn your passion of tattooing into your own business!
  • You'll Discover ALL the information so much more!

This is a self-paced program where you can learn at your own speed...whenever you want!

This course has more than 38 information packed online modules that contain more than 160 tattoo lessons with written instructions, color diagrams & illustrations, and 120+ step-by-step videos conducted by professional tattoo artists, cheat sheets, practice exercises, a tattoo flash library, exclusive bonus guides and so much more!

You'll never be alone or lost again, as you'll have access to a 24/7 live and growing community of artists from around the world!

This program will single-handedly take you from step A to Z of not only the tattooing process, but will also show you how to create your own profitable tattoo business (if you choose).

"Let's Take a Closer Look at All 38+
Inside The Artist Accelerator
Online Tattooing progam In
More Detail Below..."

MODULE #1: Introduction About Artwork, Stencils, Supplies & Setup

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we will dive into artwork, using and making stencils for great transfers, the transfer process itself, the exact supplies you'll need, assembling the tattoo machine, proper setup and safe preparation, and much more!

*  *Module #1 Contains: 11 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #2: The Nuts & Bolts of The Tattooing Process

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll get to know the tattoo machine inside and out, detail by detail (with illustrations). We'll also dive into the various types of tattoo needles, tattoo inks, and the Elite Tattoo Artists Code of Ethics. This is a "must know" for anyone who wants to become a professional tattoo artist!

*Module #2 Contains: 4 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #3: An Introduction To Working With Real Clients/People

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll learn the basics of how to work with clients and people when doing a tattoo. This includes knowing how to properly "prep" your client correctly for tattooing success. We'll go over all the steps that you need to know via video and practice exercises as well!

*Module #3 Contains: 1 Individual Text Lesson, 1 Video Lesson, and 1 Exercise

MODULE #4: Critical Tattooing Safety Procedures

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll cover the biology aspects of tattooing (skin depth, and more), health and safety procedures, how to clean and sanitize/sterilize your tattoo equipment, and what you need to know about inspections and certifications

*Module #4 Contains: 4 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #5: Rolling Up Your Sleeves!

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll go into detail on how to work with your tattoo machine, take a peek inside the tattoo shop, setting up your actual work space correctly, and going into great detail and the "nitty gritty" on tattoo needles that you need to understand!

*Module #5 Contains: 5 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #6: Understanding The Process of Tattoo Artistry

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you're going to discover the real truth about the process of tattoo "artistry", the differences between "placement, form and fit", how to use color, understanding depth & perspective,, and finally...everything you'll need to know about stencils, flash, and transferring!

*Module #6 Contains: 6 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #7: The Process of Applying The Tattoo

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll be shown exactly how to begin the proper preparation for tattooing human skin, how to use your machine correctly for amazing results, unique techniques to help you create amazing tattoos, and pro tattoo artist tips to remember about the application process!

*Module #7 Contains: 4 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #8: The Beginnings of a Black & Grey and Color Piece

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll dive into your first black and grey tattoo, including proper outlining and variation of outlines, how to avoiding "puddling" of ink, smooth shading, adding medium grey elements, understanding the right speed of the machine, and finally moving into a color piece.

*Module #8 Contains: 17 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #9: Tattoo Cover-Up Techniques & Procedures

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll learn how to work with a pre-existing tattoo and learn various cover-up techniques and procedures. You'll even learn even how to work with old black & grey pieces. Pro tattoo tips and tricks will be revealed in full detail in this module. 

*Module #9 Contains: 22 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #10: How To Work With a Pre-Existing Tattoo + Using Markers

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll learn the proper techniques and methods to work with a pre-existing tattoo, including freehand designing, proper color work/blending, line work, tricks on conveying ideas with minimal detail, and effective styling that will make the tattoo stand out on it's own. 

*Module #10 Contains: 10 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #11: Black Shading Techniques In Greater Detail

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll go over different black shading techniques including lining, shading, and filling. You'll learn how to get smooth and flowing lines, what ink you should use, how to properly position yourself and your client, proper needle groupings, how to add more depth/contrast, etc.

*Module #11 Contains: 18 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #12: Black & Grey Work (Using a Rounded 11 Magnum Needle)

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll be shown how versatile and useful a rounded 11 magnum can be when it comes to black & grey work. You'll learn which brand of ink works best, how to work with the needles and the right angles, how to avoid damaged needles, when to use other needles (and why), why you shouldn't do all shading the same, plus so much more! 

*Module #12 Contains: 8 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #13: The Continuation of a Pre-Existing Tattoo

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll give even more tips and tricks as to how to work with pre-existing tattoos, how to add new designs directly to the skin, reveal which areas you should work on first, how to use "Calligraphying" to add more shape, contour and depth, and how to "finesse the ink" with light touches.

*Module #13 Contains: 4 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #14: Blending Color Into Black & Grey Shading

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll learn how to effectively blend in colors into your black & grey shading of an existing tattoo. You'll learn multiple tips, tricks and techniques for doing this, as well as what types of inks work best, how to do proper shading with the right pressure, and "feathering" the ink.  

*Module #14 Contains: 6 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #15: The Continuation of a Quarter-Sleeve Tattoo

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll discuss what you need to do when working with a pre-existing quarter sleeve tattoo. You'll learn how to properly match the design and flow, when and when NOT to use freehand designs, and how to make sure you don't mess up your current stencil, plus so much more! 

*Module #15 Contains: 7 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #16: How To Tattoo a Portrait The Right Way

tattoo lesson icon

In this module you're going to learn how to create jaw-dropping and realistic tattoo portraits. You'll learn how to start out the portrait the right way, including placement, how to use effective black & grey shading techniques for realistic effects and lines, how not to overkill with too much darkness, and the aspects you SHOULDN'T include in a portrait tattoo!

*Module #16 Contains: 11 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises

MODULE #17: How To Do Advanced Tattoo Lining

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll go over the best ways and techniques to use tattoo lining including: how to position and work with the human body, things you should never do when lining, how to setup your tattoo machine when a lot of lining is going to be involved, how to "build up" lines the right way, and more!

*Module #17 Contains: 6 Video Lessons + Cheat Sheets + Exercises


tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll go into detail about what is involved if you want to break into the business of tattooing. This module will cover aspects such as: education and career paths, proper practice, certifications and licenses, and most importantly...the "how/where/why" aspects of apprenticeships!

*Module #18 Contains: 4 Individual Text Lessons


tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll learn how to hit the pavement and make the right contacts in the tattoo industry for big success. In this module you'll discover what you need to look for when it comes to being a successful tattoo artist, what makes you really happy, what to look out for, how to create and use an effective portfolio, and                                      even how to set your prices! 

*Module #19 Contains: 2 Individual Text Lessons


tattoo lesson icon

In this module you'll discover everything you need to succeed with your own tattoo shop. This will include several things you need to consider FIRST before opening, a sample business plan, understanding your market, and even tips for attending tattoo conferences and conventions.

*Module #20 Contains: 6 Individual Text Lessons

MODULE #21: Simple Drawing Hacks: How to Draw Better, and Faster!

tattoo lesson icon

In this module we'll reveal to you several drawing "hacks" or shortcuts to improving your own drawing skills. By following these steps and techniques, you can not only draw better, but draw faster. This will improve your own skills as a tattoo artist in the long run. This is a must read for any new tattoo artist!

*Module #21 Contains: 1 Individual Text Lesson

"Below is a brief breakdown of all 7
exclusive bonuses you'll Also receive
when you join this unique & powerful
tattooing course!"

Bonus Guide #1: The Elite Tattoo Insider

Elite Tattoo Insider: 24 Pro Tattoo Artists Secrets Revealed!

What if you could sit down and talk to 24 PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists and ask them for tips, advice and more regarding how they tattoo?

In this exclusive digital ebook, that is exactly what you will discover. Each of these amazing tattoo artists will spill their guts (and SECRETS) on things like what advice they would give to “newbie” tattoo artists, what products they use, and much more.

This is the information that new tattoo artists need to read. This ebook is also has full-color photos of the artwork from each tattoo artist and contact info as well!

This Guide Is Valued at $37

Bonus Guide #2: Tattoo Artist Profits Revealed

Tattoo Artist Profits REVEALED: 13 Profit Boosting
Secrets of Successful Tattoo Artists

At some point in your future you may want to actually work for yourself as a lucrative tattoo artist, or even own your own shop.

Now you can skip all the mistakes and errors that most new tattoo artists make when trying to make a living from tattooing. In this amazing report, you will discover 13 profit BOOSTING secrets that many of today’s successful tattoo artists use to make BANK with tattoos.

Get ahead of the game with this exclusive and rare information!

This Guide Is Valued at $19.95

Bonus Section #1: the "Top Picks" Resources For New Tattoo Artists!

As you expand your knowledge of tattooing, you'll begin to understand the supplies that are required to become a professional...but what are the BEST to buy?

Whether you're starting your own tattoo business or are just ready to start researching inks, needles, etc., this top resources section will provide you with a place to start. We'll reveal the best tattoo supply companies, publications, tattoo inks and tattoo needles, and finally...the best tattoo machine companies. 

Bonus Section #2: Troubleshooting/FAQ
For Tattoo Artists

In this section we'll cover many of the frequently asked questions and/or trouble spots that many new tattoo artists run into. This list does not cover everything by any means, but it will cover some of the most popular issues tattoo artists run into on a regular basis.

In many cases, tattoo artists will have their own work-arounds, but for the most part, this information will cover the basics to get you moving along in the right direction. 

Bonus Section #3: Going Old School!
A Brief History of Tattooing

If you're serious about tattooing, it's important you know the core basics when it comes to the history of this unique artform. In this section, we'll breakdown some of the most essential aspects of tattoos and their history...and how it all began.

Not only is this section important to any new tattoo artist (to understand the tradition and history)'s also just downright interesting!

Bonus Section #4: The Ultimate Tattooing
Elite Tattoo Pro Checklist

We'll cover a LOT of ground in the Artist Accelerator course, showing you every aspect of the tattooing process, plus more. There's a lot to absorb and put together in your mind, so sometimes it’s best to simplify the overall process.

That’s why we've put together a “pre” tattooing checklist for you. In this checklist, we'll go over what you need to have prepared before starting a tattoo on a new client in the areas of the tattoo design, the tattoo area, equipment, etc. and break down what you need to do before you tattoo, during the tattoo process, and after!

Bonus Section #5: The Elite Tattoo Pro
Stencil/Flash Library

There's nothing like finding a great piece of tattoo flash that you can either use, or to practice with. In this bonus section for students only, you'll get access to over 50,000 amazing tattoo flash and stencils. You can use these as you wish or download at anytime. And the best thing is the variety. You'll discover just about any kind of flash you will ever need!

"Students From All Across The Globe Are
Simply Raving About Elite Tattoo Pro!"

Talk is cheap. Results and real life testimonials from real people are not. Below you'll see just how much people are loving this tattooing course and the information found inside.

Here's what real people just like yourself are saying about Elite Tattoo Pro...

I Have Been a Tattoo Artist For About 1o Years Now...And This Is By Far The BEST Information...

"I have been a tattoo artist for about 10 years now and I'm a very open-minded artist. I have read and watched most of the articles, videos, books, etc. on the subject and this is by far the BEST information I've personally come across. I would recommend this course to anyone of any experience level. I can honestly say that I've learned a few new tricks. There is a lot of bad information out there, but this is not one of them."

Joe D.

What You Have Created Is Pure GENIUS...

"Jay, I'm so glad I got a crack at your tattoo information package. I've watched a lot of stuff over the years and also read a lot of info on forums, etc. but what you have created is just pure genius! The information is top notch and I'd love to have you use my words as a testimonial to anyone wanting to give your course a go. Killer tips and instruction. Love it all!! I'll look forward to anything else you put out, so please stay in touch."


I don't know how you got all of this into one course, but you did...

"Thank you so much for Elite Tattoo Pro Jay! It's a real relief to FINALLY get some tried-and-true tattooing information in ONE resource. I don't know how you got all of this into one course, but you did. I'm just getting started in tattooing and your tips on how to start are spot on! I really appreciate you creating this kick ass course!"

San Diego

The purchase of Elite Tattoo Pro is worth 10x what I paid for it...

"I really could say so much but first I just have to say is WOW!!! Over the past 3 years I've bought books and videos on how to tattoo and your videos are really awesome! The detail in which the videos are done is easy to follow and straightforward. The purchase of Elite Tattoo Pro is worth 10x what I paid for it. I suggest that anyone who is new to the industry to add this information to their collection. Just the videos alone have changed my outlook on what it takes to do nice, clean, and solid tattoos. I'd just like to say THANK YOU Jay for these videos and the information available for people like me who really want to be a great tattoo artist. Thanks man!"


Buying Elite Tattoo Pro was worth every penny and then some...

"Hi Jay, I'm Morgan. I hope you receive this email from me ok. I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting me into the program. I just purchased last Friday and I've been digesting every bit of it ever since. Buying Apprentice Accelerator was worth every penny and then some. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but once I got into the information...I knew I was completely wrong. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and thank you again!"


"The information, tips, techniques and secrets found in the This online Tattoo Education has helped launch tattoo artists from all across the world!"

"Tattooing 101's Artist Accelerator is one of THE most in-depth and comprehensive tattooing courses...ever."

If you have the desire and passion to learn tattooing, this is the course for you.


Because you'll finally have access to all the most fundamental and professional, step-by-step instructions you need...right at your fingertips. Plus, you can learn at your own pace, when you want, wherever you want, as long as you have Internet access.

"Here Are The TOP 3 reasons why The Elite Tattoo Pro Course is The Absolute Perfect Investment For Your Tattooing Success..."

  1. Professional Instructions
    38+ modules, 140 lessons, over 120+ professional tattoo videos, and so much more. All you need in ONE program. If you want to learn the real art of tattooing, this is it!
  2. Easy To Follow & Learn
    This online program is a "self paced" course, where you can learn at your own speed. Everything is easy to follow and learn. Sit back, read and watch, and take lots of notes!
  3. Saves You Time & Money!
    No more searching for the right tattoo instructions or wasting money on crappy ebooks or instructional videos that are never complete. The Artist Accelerator will put you on the "fast track" to tattooing success!

"You’re ONE STEP away from Getting Full Access To All The Information You Need To Create Amazingly Beautiful Tattoos and fast tracking your tattoo career..."

Instead of going out aimlessly learning how to tattoo, trying become a tattoo artist, I’ve created ONE complete online program that will show you everything you need. 

Now you won’t have to spend $10,000 buckaroos just to get an apprenticeship or drop $5,000+ or more just to attend some sort of "tattoo school" that's only out to get your money.

And YES...that’s the price tag many tattoo artists ask these days for tattoo apprenticeships and that's what tattoo schools charge.

Who seriously has the time and money for that?

INSANE isn’t it?

And you can say goodbye to the countless number of hours of searching the Internet for actual SOLID tattoo information.

With all that being said, getting ALL the information in one comprehensive online course is simply a no-brainer investment for your tattooing education.

Remember, the Artist Accelerator online program is created by REAL tattoo information experts and tattoo artists. It's not created by some sleazy publishing company who doesn't have a clue about tattooing.

This is the course that tattoo artists have purchased to show to their own apprentices. It's also the course they wished they'd had when they started out on their own journey as a tattoo artist.

This ALL-IN-ONE tattooing course could sell for over $2500...EASY.

In fact, I've had people tell me the price I'm putting on this course is ridiculously low considering everything you get, and everything it can do for your own tattooing skills.

This is such a small investment that has a very large payout!

“I only began tattooing a few months ago and after watching the initial videos and reading the 1st few chapters in this program my skills increased dramatically! People are amazed that I am so “green” when it comes to being a tattoo artist (can I call myself this yet?).

What I really found valuable are the smaller tweaks that are easy to integrate. For example, how to choose the CORRECT tip for the needle — and it’s not necessarily what you would think (you gotta invest like I did to find that out).

I was going to go to a “tattoo school” at 1st but with this series I think I would be wasting a lot of money as I’d be paying to do what I already know! This is such a small investment that has a VERY large payout!

You don’t have to be the best at drawing or at art you just have to have the desire to learn and you will be awesome.

I really appreciate the boost in morale and confidence. It makes me feel really good to express myself through ink and have people like what I do.”


"I personally don’t believe you should have to 'break the bank' to get this exclusive professional tattooing information…"

I know you're reading this message because you're interested either in learning how to tattoo from square one, or you are wanting to take your current tattoo skills to a professional level.

Either way, I want you to be able to get your hands on this information. And I think you shouldn't have to break your bank account to get full access to it either.

But before I tell you the price for the Elite Tattoo Pro online course, let's take a quick recap of everything you'll get when you purchase within the next few minutes...

"Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Get When You Invest In The Artist Accelerator Program In The Next Few Minutes..."

  •  Full access to all 38+ online course modules in The Artist Accelerator Program!
  •  Full access to 160 detailed lessons that contain texts, diagrams, recommendations, instructions, and more!
  •   Full access to over 120+ professional instructional online tattooing videos that show you just about every aspect of tattooing!
  • Full access to over 20+ "cheat sheets" and practice exercises that will help put you on the "fast track" to tattooing success!
  • Full access to our EXCLUSIVE members only community that will make sure you're never unstuck or uncertain of the next step!
  • Full access to the exclusive bonus guide: The Elite Tattoo Insider. This guide contains tips, wisdom and advice from over 24 professional tattoo artists!
  • Full access to the exclusive bonus guide: Tattoo Artist Profits Revealed. This guide contains the 13 profit producing secrets that successful tattoo artists use in their own businesses!
  • Full access to 4 exclusive bonus sections: "Top Pick" resources, Troubleshooting/FAQ's, The Brief History of Tattooing and The Ultimate Tattooing Checklist!
  • Full access to the Elite Tattoo Pro tattoo flash/stencil library of over 50,000 amazing pieces of tattoo flash. that you can use or download as you wish!

When you join the Elite Tattoo Pro online tattooing course, it's like having your very own personal & professional tattoo artist teaching you what it takes to create amazing tattoos, step-by-step.


If you were to pay for one-on-one personal instruction from a professional tattoo artist, it would easily cost you a TON of money. That's IF you could find a pro tattoo artist willing to take the time to show you everything you need.

Now it's all available just for you, and for a fraction of the cost...

"Your Investment In The Artist Accelerator Tattooing Program Is Going To Be A Lot Less Than You Might Think..."

If you want to learn how to tattoo, in most cases you can either try and find an apprenticeship (which can be very difficult!), you can go to some sort of tattooing school that can cost easily thousands of dollars, or you can try to weed through all the good and bad info and piece it all together for yourself.

All these options can take a LOT of time, a lot of money, and cause you a lot of stress and frustration.

I've created The Artist Accelerator Program for people just like yourself who want to take your passion and desire to create excellent tattoos to a professional level...

And I want you to get access to this information for an incredibly low price (because I was once just started out just like you!) PLUS be able to learn at your own pace. This means no more pressures from tattoo artists or wasting time or money on things that don't show you how to tattoo correctly.

With all that being said, I've priced the entire Artist Accelerator Program for less than $50 a month... YUP

Less THAN $1.50 per day if you take the annual membership!

Let me ask... What did you spend your last $1 on?

This is a fraction of the cost you'd pay for tattoo schools, even apprenticeships, or other informational products (which only show you bits and pieces of information...not everything from A to Z).

As I said, I've right where you are, just starting as an artist and I WISH someone had this available when I first started... 

And now to make things even easier for you, I'm going to give you two payment options to choose from below...

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One Easy  Payment

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Get LIFETIME access and save 50%!

  • One Easy Payment!
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Your Purchase is 100% Safe & Secure and back by a 30 day money back guarantee

Easy Monthly Payments

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Tight on money but still want access to the course? With this option you pay just $49 to get instant access now, with each payment occurring 30 days thereafter.

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The total value of this entire course is valued at over $4,500

When you consider the amount of information, videos, bonus guides, the time that went into the making of this course, and the LIFETIME VALUE it can add to your tattooing skills, it could actually be valued much higher.

The Artist Accelerator program can be viewed on ANY device that has the Internet. Get full access anytime you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year...even if it's 2am in the morning!

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Here's my promise to you. Go ahead and purchase The Artist Accelerator Program and dive into all the information. Try it for 30 days risk free. If during that time you feel it's not worth every single penny you paid and more, then let me know and I'll happily refund your purchase in full. No questions asked. I'm confident that all the information and techniques in this course has the power to totally transform your own tattoo skills, education and abilities. That's why I'm backing it up with this 100% money back guarantee.

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"Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past." - Jack London

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- Jay Haussman

Founder & Creator of Tattooing 101's Artist Accelerator

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