“So You Wanna Become An Elite Tattoo Artist Huh?”

If you answer “YES!”, then you must read the information below…

Make Great Tattoos Now!

tattoo introduction

Do you have that BURNING desire to learn how to tattoo like a master and create stunning tattoos on beautiful people?

Do you want to become the next Elite tattoo artist like Brandon Bond. Aaron Cain. Or maybe Bob Tyrell?

I’m here to tell you that you can…

Just imagine the amazing feeling of having YOUR amazing tattoos on someone’s beautiful body for the rest of their lives and how your legacy may continue long after you are gone.

PLUS you will get paid cold hard cash for doing it!

Let’s be real for a moment…

Being a tattoo artist really is a dream job.

You can make some great money. Meet amazing people (and beautiful girls). Create new relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

But most importantly…

You will LOVE the work you do for a living. Be your own BOSS.

No more dead end 9-5 jobs for bottom of the barrel pay.


One more thing, DEMAND for becoming a tattoo artist and learning how to tattoo is only going TO GO UP…

Check out the latest trends according to Google…

Tattoo Trends

Pretty cool stuff isn’t it?

These trends are GREAT signs for you.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can become an elite tattoo artist in a moment, so hang on.

But first, you’ll have to learn how to tattoo the RIGHT way…

And learn the RIGHT information…

And no, I’m not talking about those crappy videos on YouTube that are either out-of-date with old methods, or give really horrible tattooing advice.

When I see some of the non-sense junk that’s on those videos, or even in some forums, I CRINGE on the inside!

Or even looking at some of the books on Amazon for $15 claiming to show you how to tattoo.

Really? For $15?

Ugh, what a bunch of crap.

I’m going to tell you right now…

Ditch the OUT-OF-DATE and JUNK “how to tattoo” information you see on those websites!

I’ve got something MUCH MUCH better for you…

You deserve to learn all the core essentials of the tattooing process, including professional tips, tricks and techniques WITHOUT having to BEG tattoo artists to reveal them to you.

I’m sure you know what that is like.

Getting yelled at.

Being made fun of.

Just for wanting to learn. It’s a joke and not fair to you.

And for those tattoo artists that get mad at me for revealing this kind of information, I say this…

Screw ’em!

Learning how to tattoo should NOT be difficult.

It shouldn’t only be available to some “underground” society of tattoo artists who have privilege to this kind of information.

I firmly believe that if you want to become a tattoo artist, and you want to research and study the methods and techniques, then you should be able to.

Amusing Side Note: You know what’s really interesting? I have MANY PRO tattoo artists, after seeing the information I will soon be sharing with you, say that they would have DONE ANYTHING to get their greedy little hands on it when they were first learning the ropes of tattooing. Go figure, huh? Obviously, if the information I’m about to reveal to you is good enough for them. It’s good enough for you.

Anyway, with that being said, what I DO have a problem with is this…

Tattooing the UNSAFE way. You know, home “scratching”. Putting yourself and others at risk. All that BS.

Don’t be an idiot. Simply don’t do it.

Got it?


There’s a much better (and wiser) way to become a pro tattoo artist. I’m going to show you shortly…

I’m going to break all the rules…

I’m about to reveal to you EVERYTHING you will ever need to know…

I’ll show you how to do it the RIGHT way.

This includes SAFE ways for you to practice and also land a killer apprenticeship with tattoo artists who will LOVE that YOU are working and learning from them. (There’s a powerful way to do this though, I will show you.)

But of course, you’ll learn all the absolutely essential PRO tattooing tips, tricks, techniques and secrets…

No matter if you have absolutely no clue on how to start tattooing or become a tattoo artist, this information is for you.

Or maybe you know a few things but really want to learn more and DEVOUR all the essential tips and tricks you can. This information is for you. To become an elite tattoo artist, it is vital that you learn everything you can!


Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ll soon be revealing to you…

  • You will be taken through the ENTIRE “HOW TO TATTOO” PROCESS. And learn the right way. From learning the how to tattoo essentials, to owning your own unique tattoo business! It’s a complete all-in-one resource!
  • Discover the REAL TRUTHS about what makes for a successful tattoo artist and lifestyle! You may be surprised as to what you will find are the real truths!
  • Get to know THE ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS you need to know about tattoo machines, inside and out, including a detail by detail breakdown including illustrations!
    And not only that, which machines work best, and which ones to avoid!
  • Discover unique and powerful tattoo machine TRICKS that pro tattoo artists use on a daily basis, that they don’t want you to know about! These tricks will give you an insider advantage!
  • I will reveal my absolute #1 FAVORITE tattoo machine company that I’ve used for years, and so have many of my closest tattoo colleagues. Nothing beats these tattoo machines!
  • Find out the real differences between being a “tattooist” vs a real “tattoo artist”. What you will discover may shock you and change the course in your tattooing career! DON’T BE FOOLED!
  • Read the 6-point ELITE TATTOO ARTISTS CODE OF ETHICS that almost 90%+ of successful tattoo artists follow on a regular and consistent basis. If you don’t follow this code…you are almost guaranteed to fail as a tattoo artist!
  • Discover the KISS METHOD when it comes to using your own tattoo machine, but also how it can be applied to just about everything you do in tattooing to help you succeed!
  • I will reveal to you several CRITICAL tattoo “rookie” mistakes that you want to be sure to avoid from day one! By not learning these, you could ruin your entire tattoo process and reputation!
  • Do you have solid power to your machine? I will reveal my #1, and absolutely FAVORITE power source and company that I’ve used for years that many tattoo artists don’t want you to know about!
  • Speaking of powering your machine, I will show you ALL THE OPTIONS you can use, which works best and why, and also how to set up the most effective power source to create the most beautiful tattoos possible!
  • Learn how to use the technique of proper FLUTING to really make your tattoos stand out among others in your field. By mastering this technique, you will leave other tattoo artist in the dust!
  • Discover the ABSOLUTE CRITICAL tattoo safety precautions every tattoo artist must take, including proper safety procedures, disease and contamination control, and even proper regulations!
  • Find out the VERY BEST METHODS to practice tattooing! And no, it’s not on yourself or others. I will show you the very best options so you don’t ruin your reputation from day one!


Oh yeah, and that’s only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG
of what you will discover…

What I’ve created for you is an informational “how to” package to become an ELITE tattoo artist.

That means, not just your “average” tattoo artist.

I’ve called this information package…


Learn How To Tattoo

Elite Tattoo Pro was developed over the course of nearly 2 solid years.

The information was carefully compiled and injected with some of the best tattoo tips and tricks that tattoo artists use today, along with all the essential techniques, steps and procedures and more that any new tattoo artist will need to know.

But first, let’s talk about only ONE component of this package. That’s the Elite Tattoo Pro Handbook.

BTW: I’m also going to be giving you over 120+ EXCLUSIVE Tattooing Training Videos. But more on that below.

Every single page in this handbook is jam-packed with useful information, and FULLY ILLUSTRATED in ALL COLOR!

Tattoo ArtistYou will discover not only STEP-BY-STEP TECHNIQUES on things like tattoo shading, tuning a tattoo machine, setting up needles, coloring, and more…but also customized illustrations to help simplify the whole process for you!

Elite Tattoo Pro is not your ordinary handbook.

This is a premium “how to tattoo” manual that hits on all cylinders for maximum tattoo instruction!

Elite Tattoo Pro has even been purchased by
professional tattoo artists

That’s right.

And WHY would they want this information?

Tattoo artist love to use Elite Tattoo Pro in conjunction in doing their own apprenticeships with new tattoo artists! The information is simply that good.

If Elite Tattoo Pro is so good that actual tattoo artists use it…don’t you think it is good enough for you?


Here are even more golden nuggets you’ll discover when you purchase your own copy of Elite Tattoo Pro today…

  • Discover which type of tattoo machines (8,10, and 12 coil) WORK BEST with specific tattoo needle groupings, for the best effects, shading, lines and more! Knowing these combinations will make your artwork POP!
  • Take a look at a COMPLETE BREAKDOWN of tattoo needles, including which types of needle groupings work best for different types of tattoos, the various brands of needles, and common pitfalls to watch for! Fully illustrated!
  • Look over the DETAILED examination of tattoo tubes, grips and the pros and cons of using the various types available. You might be surprised what works best and why!
  • Find out how to setup your NEEDLE BAR, the right way, in 5 super easy steps! Even a complete “newbie” could do this with ease!
  • Discover EVERYTHING you could dream of about tattoo inks including: which ones work best, a complete breakdown of what they are made of, how to even make your own inks, and CRITICAL MISTAKES you want to avoid when using inks!
  • Find out the VERY BEST SETUP of a tattoo shop, including what products to supply, how many, and how it should be laid out for the best tattooing experience possible!
  • A true INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE of what the real culture and politics of most tattoo shops are really like, what to expect, and how you can fit in easily!
  • Clip Cords vs Plugs? I will break down how both can work when powering your tattoo machine, what works the best and the pros and cons of each! This is a MUST READ for any new tattoo artist!
  • How to set-up and tear down your tattoo machine in 5 EASY STEPS. Once you do this a few times, you will be able to tattoo more quickly and efficiently each and every time!
  • Learn how to tune any tattoo machine in UNDER 3 MINUTES FLAT! Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true, but I will show you how to do it for any machine, step-by-step!
  • Machine speed issues? I will show you how to run your tattoo machine the right way, how to find that SWEET SPOT for making the very best tattoos!
  • Find out everything you need to know about NEEDLE CONFIGURATIONS, from various sized rounds and magnums, to needle fanning, and proper depths and pressure application! It’s all covered!
  • Getting the color just right! Find out which color of inks WORK BEST on various skin tones, how to make white tones POP, and how to add depth and perspective to your tattoos!
  • I will reveal 8 PRO TATTOO ARTIST TIPS when working with tattoo needles. What to do, what not to do, and what to be on the lookout for! These are absolutely essential!
  • Discover the COMPLETE 9-STEP PROCESS to get ready to prepare for doing a new tattoo. These steps are critical for you to succeed and tattoo the right way!
  • SAFETY 101 – A complete and in-depth look at how to setup your tattoo equipment to eliminate the spread of disease, and also the proper methods and instructions to keep tattoo clients safe!
  • TATTOO TECHNIQUES: This includes how to do proper lining, black and grey shading, and coloring. You will be shown the best methods to use, plus insider tips and tricks that work like a charm!
  • Learn the proper FORM AND PLACEMENT of tattoos on the male and female body, including a step-by-step illustration of nailing the tattoo stencil the first time, every time!
  • Learn how to use CONTRAST, PERSPECTIVE and WARM/COOL color variations to make your tattoos stand out and blow people away!
  • Find out how to create a STUNNING artist portfolio that will knock the socks off of potential tattoo artists who may want to consider you for an apprenticeship!
  • FLASH TO CASH? Learn how to make your own tattoo FLASH and make some extra income. If you are good, you can make a killing!
  • How to MASTER TATTOO LINING with various techniques and methods that will make sharp and perfect lines on all your tattoos!
  • Learn how to put down tattoo LETTERING perfectly on every tattoo, and make it look flawless!
  • Discover THE SECRET WAYS to land the very elusive and prized tattoo apprenticeship. These tips will get your foot in the door and have tattoo artists wanting you to join their shop!
  • How to START YOUR OWN SHOP, complete with insider tips for finding a location, costs, and even a complete business plan to help you get funding!
  • BONUS SECTION #1: Going Old School! Learning the History of Tattooing
  • BONUS SECTION #2: The Top Resources For ALL Tattoo Supplies and Equipment
  • BONUS SECTION #3: I’m Stuck! Troubleshooting/FAQ For Tattoo Artists!
  • BONUS SECTION #4: The Ultimate Tattooing Checklist


As you know, TALK is cheap…


Below I’ve listed out just a handful of budding tattoo artists who have loved Elite Tattoo Pro. I think this will give you a good idea of how well received this information has been. And also, how helpful it has been to people.






Almost everyday I get questions from budding tattoo artists on a variety of questions, including questions about Elite Tattoo Pro.

I figure that you probably have some of these questions as well.

What I’ve done is answered a few of the most common ones below for you…

Common Questions

Top 5 Benefits of Elite Tattoo Pro

Let’s face it. You and I both know that a HANDBOOK is not quite enough…

What you really need are REAL VISUAL tattooing instructions from a tattoo professional you can watch and learn from!

With that being said, I’m going to sweeten the pot for you…

My mission with Elite Tattoo Pro is to give you two methods you can learn from:

  • An Essential Handbook you can always have on hand for reference (Elite Tattoo Pro Handbook)
  • And secondly, highly detailed instructional videos you can watch to learn the real techniques used by the pros. (Elite Tattoo Pro Videos)

As you know, if you’ve done your research, when it comes to tattoo instruction…most of the information is pure CRAP or it is one sided.

What I’ve done for you is to create a comprehensive tattooing informational product that contains BOTH a handbook and videos.

You will also get access to over 120+ EXCLUSIVE
High-Definition PROFESSIONAL Elite Tattoo Instructional Videos…

Tattoo Video Screenshot

Highly Detailed, Professional Instructional Videos

Not only will you get the comprehensive Elite Tattoo Pro book delivered to your doorstep, you’ll also get exclusive member access to over 120+ professional tattoo artist instructional videos.

These are all in high-definition, and you will get INSTANT access to the videos right away that you can access them anytime or anywhere you want.

You won’t find these unique instructional videos anywhere else!

Now you’ll have not only a great reference manual in Elite Tattoo Pro, but you will also have highly detailed instructional videos as well to help you.

You get the best of both worlds and PLENTY OF INSIDER INFORMATION to get you started on the right path to become a true Elite Tattoo Artist!

Here’s what you’ll discover in the
Elite Tattoo Pro instructional videos…

  • Module 1: An Introduction About Artwork, Stencils, Tattoo Supplies and Setup (11 Videos)
  • Module 2: Everything You Need To Know About Client Preparation (1 Videos)
  • Module 3: Starting a Black and Grey Tattoo Piece and Color Piece (17 Videos)
  • Module 4: Various Tattoo Cover-Up Techniques and Procedures (22 Videos)
  • Module 5: Working With Pre-Existing Tattoos and Drawing Techniques. (10 Videos)
  • Module 6: Going in Depth with Black and Grey Shading Techniques (18 Videos)
  • Module 7: Doing Black and Grey Work With a 11 Magnum Setup (8 Videos)
  • Module 8: Continuing of a Pre-Existing Tattoo Using a 8 Round Liner Setup (4 Videos)
  • Module 9: How To Blend Color Into Black & Grey Shading (6 Videos)
  • Module 10: Working on a Quarter Sized Sleeve Tattoo (7 Videos)
  • Module 11: How to do Tattoo Portraits (12 Videos)
  • Module 12: How to do Advanced Lining Techniques (6 Videos)

Elite Tattoo Pro Members Area

These highly instructional tattooing videos are only available through the Elite Tattoo Pro Package.

Remember, all videos are in full High-Definition and you will get private online access to them anytime you want in the Elite Tattoo Pro Members Only Area (see screenshot above). These videos go into great detail on the process of professional tattooing including all the essentials.

One last thing you’ll enjoy as well…

You’ll also get exclusive access to the Elite Tattoo Pro Tattoo Flash and Stencil Library (Contains over 50,000 Flash and Stencils)

Elite Tattoo Pro Flash Library

You’ll get access to all kinds of top-quality, high-end flash and stencils to either use, get ideas, or to practice with.

You’ll be able to easily download them from the Elite Tattoo Pro Members Only area at anytime. You will be amazed at the variety and quality of these images!



Order Today And I’ll Give You These 2 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES For Absolutely FREE

3DbookEXCLUSIVE BONUS #1 (Valued at $39)

Elite Tattoo Insider: 24 Pro Tattoo Artists Secrets Revealed!

What if you could sit down and talk to 24 PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists and ask them for tips, advice and more regarding how they tattoo? In this exclusive digital ebook, that is exactly what you will discover. Each of these amazing tattoo artists will spill their guts (and SECRETS) on things like what advice they would give to “newbie” tattoo artists, what products they use, and much more.

This is the information that hungry tattoo artists want to read. This ebook is also has full-color photos of the artwork from each tattoo artist and contact info as well!


Tattoo Artist Profits RevealedEXCLUSIVE BONUS #2 (Valued at $19.95)

Tattoo Artist Profits REVEALED: 13 Profit Boosting Secrets of Successful Tattoo Artists

At some point in your future you may want to actually work for yourself as a lucrative tattoo artist, or even own your own shop. Now you can skip all the mistakes and errors that most new tattoo artists make when trying to make a living from tattooing. In this amazing report, you will discover 13 profit BOOSTING secrets that many of today’s successful tattoo artists use to make BANK with tattoos.

Get ahead of the game with this exclusive and rare information!


You’re ONE STEP away from learning how to become an Elite Tattoo Artist with ALL this amazing information in ONE PACKAGE!

Tattoo ProInstead of going out aimlessly learning how to tattoo or to become a tattoo artist, I’ve created ONE single information resource to solve all your problem.

Now you won’t have to spend $5000 buckaroos just to get an apprenticeship and learn the tricks of the trade.

(Yes, that’s what many tattoo artist ask these days. INSANE isn’t it?)

And you can say GOODBYE to the countless number of hours of searching the internet for actual SOLID tattoo information.

With all that being said, getting ALL the information in one massive detailed handbook plus 120+ professional videos is pretty much priceless when it comes to learning tattooing the right way.

Elite Tattoo Pro and the 120+ Videos are all done by tattoo experts, NOT some corporate company or publishing house that has no clue on tattooing!

The comprehensive manual alone could easily sell for over $100 and the 120+ professional videos could easily fetch $350 or more.

But I don’t want you to have to break the bank to get this insider information…

It’s simply not fair to you.

There’s absolutely no reason it should cost you an arm and a leg to get all the accurate tattoo information and guidance you need to get rolling.

I want you to be able to enjoy the book and videos. But most of all…I WANT TO HELP YOU become a great tattoo artist!

Elite Tattoo Pro

Here’s just a quick overview of what you’ll be getting when
you invest in the Elite Tattoo Pro Package below…

  1. The Elite Tattoo Pro Handbook (Full Color, Fully Illustrated)
    This is the full color manual that is chock full of tattoo instruction, tips and tricks, and more. Includes full color illustrations and diagrams, breakdowns of tattoo machines and needles, and everything you need to know to go from tattoo “newbie” to tattoo “pro”. This guide contains no fluff. Only the best tattoo information to take you to an advanced tattoo artist.
  2. The Elite Tattoo Pro Exclusive Video Collection (120+ Videos)
    The exclusive Elite Tattoo Pro video collection is only accessible in the members only area. These 120+ video clips show you everything from lining, to shading, to advanced color work and more. All videos are in full HD and done by a real tattoo professional. You get to look over their shoulder and watch them not only work, but also explain what they are doing and why!
  3. The Elite Tattoo Pro Flash and Stencil Library (Over 50,000 Flash/Stencils)
    There really is nothing quite like finding a great piece of tattoo flash that you can either use, or to practice with. I’ve just recently added over 50,000 amazing tattoo flash and stencils in the members only area. You can use these as you wish or download at anytime. And the best thing is the variety. You will find just about any kind of flash you will need!
  4. Exclusive Bonus #1: Elite Tattoo Insider Ebook
    Discover some amazing advice and tips from 24 professional tattoo artist who spill their guts about the art of tattooing…and what works best for them. This is a RARE opportunity to get inside the lives of pro tattoo artists and actually get some great wisdom and insider information from them!
  5. Exclusive Bonus #2: Tattoo Artist Profits Report
    Besides being an Elite Tattoo Artist, at some point you are going to want to know how to GET clients that actually want to give you cold, hard cash to do amazing tattoos for them. Without the right marketing tips and tricks, making money as a tattoo artist could bury you. This guide will show you everything you need to know!
  6. Receive 24 Hour Support, 365 Days A Year
    If you ever have a question about your purchase or the materiel in the Elite Tattoo Pro package. I’m here. It really is as simple as that. I think customer support should be a #1 priority and that is why I offer it to anyone who gets their own copy of this package. It’s just good business. Period.
  7. A 60 Day “No Questions” Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
    I challenge you to purchase your copy of Elite Tattoo Pro Package and not only be blown away by the information. If for ANY reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply return the book within 60 days and I will gladly refund your purchase in full. No questions asked! If you are not happy, I’m not happy. You have absolutely NO RISK in buying.

60 Day Guarantee

Total Value of The Elite Tattoo Pro Package is Over $600!


“This is such a small investment that has a
VERY large payout!”

“I only began tattooing a few months ago and after watching the initial videos and reading the 1st few chapters in this program my skills increased dramatically! People are amazed that I am so “green” when it comes to being a tattoo artist (can I call myself this yet?).

What I really found valuable are the smaller tweaks that are easy to integrate. For example, how to choose the CORRECT tip for the needle — and it’s not necessarily what you would think (you gotta invest like I did to find that out).

I was going to go to a “tattoo school” at 1st but with this series I think I would be wasting a lot of money as I’d be paying to do what I already know! This is such a small investment that has a VERY large payout!

You don’t have to be the best at drawing or at art you just have to have the desire to learn and you will be awesome.

I really appreciate the boost in morale and confidence. It makes me feel really good to express myself through ink and have people like what I do.”

– Customer Testimonial From Will Johnson, California


Invest in YOUR own tattooing future right now and become a truly amazing Elite Tattoo Artist…

Get your own copy of the entire Elite Tattoo Pro Package right now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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Order Elite Tattoo Pro

All book orders are usually shipped within 24 hours,
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You will get INSTANT ACCESS to the 120+ Instructional Videos and Exclusive Bonus Guides In The Member’s Only Area!

“Yes Brendan, I’m Ready To Become An Elite Tattoo Artist”


One final word to you…

I know you’re going to really enjoy your own personal copy of Elite Tattoo Pro. I’ve made sure I’ve covered all the important and critical aspects of tattooing that you will need to become not only a great tattoo artist, but a successful and respected one!

I’m glad you have decided to take a leap of faith and invest in TOP quality tattooing information that will help you.

I personally wish you nothing but the best on your tattooing journey!

Thank you once again!




Tattoo GirlP.S. Remember, The Elite Tattoo Pro Package is a comprehensive all-in-one tattooing handbook PLUS 120+ HD instructional videos that shows you everything you need to know in one resource. This also includes access to over 50,000 tattoo flash designs and stencils, PLUS two exclusive bonuses!

It took nearly 2 years to develop, and the book is easy to read, beautiful to look at, and most of all…jam-packed with insider tattoo knowledge, tips and more! Fully illustrated, in all color!

All the videos are done in HD and are also packed with detailed information you can watch from the comfort of your own home!

Plus, you can invest in your own copy right now with NO RISK and a FULL 60-day money back guarantee!


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